Branding & Marketing

USDJA can support your business with custom marketing products that will create a recognizable and unique brand within your market.  Already have a logo?  We can highlight your current brand with updated folders, flyers, business cards, postcards, direct mailers and other print pieces.  If you provide us with your high resolution logo, all print pieces are designed free of charge (minimum order $200) when you order at least 4 weeks in advance - you just pay the standard retail price of items on For full details contact us and start a DJ marketing dialogue.

Case Study:  Raptor Productions

Owner Chris B., of Raptor Productions (Raptor) did not have a high-end print piece to give couples during wedding shows or client consultations.  His previous marketing methods included simple printed information referencing his website, pricing and available options. Chris' website and logo had just been updated a few months prior and both had a clean feel to them that did not translate to his printed materials. USDJA produced folders and insert flyers for Raptor which led to a noted an increase in sales, closing at higher rates (after a one-on-one business consultation and a market analysis, USDJA determined Raptor was likely undervaluing his entertainment services). USDJA also helped create a press release for Raptor which was picked up by his local newspaper, adding additional free marketing and company validation. Chris is on track to having his most successful year, has been asked to headline multiple wedding shows and has used his interchangeable folder to target, and win, contracts for more school proms, weddings, and corporate events than ever before! 

Conclusion: USDJA helps improve your marketing materials so you can land more of the higher paying events you want to book!

Case Study:  Avalon Entertainment

Baltimore DJ and Founding USDJA member, Jose Castro of Avalon Entertainment, left us too soon following a massive heart attack that occurred just moments after returning to his home from a client’s wedding. Upon hearing the news, USDJA President Jason Walsh, quickly mobilized the other members of the group’s Baltimore chapter, of which Jose was also a member. Within hours, Jason was able to work with DJ Intelligence’s CEO Scott Kartsounes to gain access to his DJI account so his clients could be contacted and all of his booked events could be covered. Over a dozen couples had their weddings saved when area DJs stepped up to cover these events at no extra cost to the couples. “I don’t know where I’d be without the coordination and assistance provided by USDJA and BADJA,” said Emily B., one of the impacted brides. “We didn’t do it for notoriety or prestige, we simply wanted to ensure Jose’s legacy of professionalism and customer service lived on. As a result of this incident, DJ Intelligence added a “legacy contact” to their online event management software, which allows DJs to nominate someone to gain account access after verification of their death.” Said Jason Walsh. “While we might not care what happens to our events if we die, our families and clients can have peace of mind knowing that a backup plan is in place with our businesses,” he says.

Conclusion: Potential clients will feel more secure booking you, knowing you are part of an association that can help them should something happen to you!