Membership Standards


Open to disc jockeys of all abilities and experience.  The primary advantage of this level of membership is the ability to network with other DJs.  Junior members can take advantage of our insurance benefit and our "all-hands" training events including our premier national meeting.


Members in these professional categories are expected to be among the best of the best in the industry, and therefore shall accomplish a minimum standard of skills and experience within their first year as a USDJA member.  These minimum standards include:

  • A minimum of two full years of DJ experience (or proof of at least 40 paid events) verified by another DJ in standing, a current agent or entertainment firm, or past client/show list.

  • Minimum of $1,000,000 / $2,000,000 Liability Insurance (from USDJA's policy or any other insurance provider) Applies to business owners and subcontractors, W-2 employees exempt.

  • Attendance in a combination of at least 3 USDJA training events, webinars, or local chapter meetings, or, attendance at any national DJ/entertainment convention or conference, or publication of an article in any recognized DJ or entertainment magazine (or similar).

  • Operation of your DJ business in compliance with the Code of Conduct - especially, showing respect for entertainers in one's own market as well as entertainers nationwide.

  • A good faith effort for continued business growth (as demonstrated by increased sales and/or rate, increased marketing, active participation in USDJA and other industry events).

  • Remain in good standing (75% or higher in web rating sites, "B-" or higher BBB or USDJA accreditation rating, or no more than one unanswered or unjustified USDJA complaint per 12 month period) within the entertainment industry.

  • Responding to requests for basic information, surveys, or proof of standards qualifications.

  • Abiding by all federal, state, and local laws - especially respecting copyright and intellectual property rights of DJs/artists, producers, publishers, and songwriters.

If the above standards are not evident, or known to the USDJA national or Local Chapter Board Members, proof will be requested.  Upon warnings of non-compliance, a member has 60 days to cure any missing element of his/her required standards.  A second warning will result in a 30 day membership suspension.  A third violation warning will result in a permanent USDJA suspension.