Which Membership Level Do I Need?

We've made this simple - Silver, Gold, or Platinum...  Which one suits your needs?  

Standards:  Any DJ can join USDJA at the Silver Level.  We ask that Gold & Platinum Members be able to meet these basic standards within their first year of joining USDJA in order to remain a member at Gold and Platinum level.  This review allows us to stand apart from other DJ and entertainment associations that may interested more in your dollars than the growth of the industry.

SILVER MEMBERSHIPS are just $49.00/year and are for individuals that:

  • Want access to our group liability & property insurance policy with Philadelphia Insurance, available through our broker Dale Wittick at PEEP Insurance;
  • Want to save $50-$150+ over other associations or websites offering access to the same insurance products, but often with outdated or inferior software and service (our insurance provider offers instant "additional insured" certificates and can instantly issue a policy);
  • Don't care about networking or continuing DJ or business education; and,
  • Are content with basic discounts to music pools, service providers, and quarterly newsletters.

GOLD MEMBERSHIPS are just $199.00/year and are perfect for individuals that:

  • Want to network with DJs, MCs, VJs, and KJ in their area via local USDJA chapters;
  • Love receiving premium benefits, such as a free annual VJ-Pro membership;
  • Want to receive regional and local direct marketing to venues and potential clients;
  • Want to gain business education from subject matter experts in the industry via exclusive educational webinars twice per quarter (Gold & Platinum only); and,
  • Are looking to learn more about their business through expert reviews and recommendations.

PLATINUM MEMBERSHIPS are just $299.00/year and are for multi-op companies looking for all of the benefits of the USDJA Gold Membership for their company of up to 10 employees or subcontractors, generating less than $250,000 in DJ-specific income per year.  

Call for value pricing on memberships for larger companies with more than 10 DJs or subcontractors that need additional insurance services.  Membership in USDJA is an investment in your business, your employees, and the confidence of your potential clients!

How Do I Sign Up If I Have Employees & Contractors?

It's easy.  Choose the Platinum Membership option on the membership page and upon checkout, add the names of your contractors or employees (up to 10) in the provided fields.  Contact us if you have any questions and we'll walk you through the process on the phone... no worries.

What If I Don't Have Employees or Contractors?

If you're a sole proprietor without employees or subcontractors, just figure out if you want full benefits under our Gold Level Membership ($199) or basic member benefits under the Silver Level Membership ($49), both annual membership levels include access to the USDJA group liability and property insurance benefit - providing the best DJ, KJ, and VJ insurance anywhere.

What About This Lifetime Membership Package?

We're not planning on going anywhere... and we hope you're not either.  As long as you think you'll be in business for 10 years, you should consider a lifetime membership because it locks in today's rate for a pre-payment of 10 years, and your membership is valid for your entire life.  Any fine print? Nope... just know that the benefit does not create a secure debt or ownership position in the association or a guarantee of a future Board of Directors position.  It is also not transferable or refundable upon your death (it's your lifetime, not someone else's...live long, and prosper.)

Can You Remind Me About USDJA Benefits Again?

Sure, just see our benefits comparison page to see the value you get for your annual membership.

Enough....I'm Ready To Join, Where Do I Sign Up?

Click here to see our membership levels and choose the one that is best for you.