USDJA Membership Terms (Terms)

All Members of the United States Disc Jockey Association, LLC (USDJA) are bound by the Terms of Membership below: 

Terms Are Subject To Change
These terms are subject to change at any time, with no, or little notice, based on the decisions made solely by the USDJA President, and/or in consultation with any advisory board or Membership Committees.  The intent and guiding principles of any rule change are that the change:  benefits the growth of the Association (or prevents a negative action) and is in the best interest of the Members.  This page (located at will reflect the most recent and accurate Membership Terms for the USDJA.  These terms were last revised on January 1, 2016.

USDJA is currently a for-profit organization with a sole-owner/operator, without outside investors or partners; and is organized as a Maryland Limited Liability Corporation.  If the Association should experience a change in ownership or governance, the future Owner, President, Board, or the heirs and assigns of the prior President or ownership shall determine the future course and future terms of the Association.

Membership Value, Termination & Cancellation
Membership is granted as a privilege, not a given right, which may be revoked at any time for any reason, or no reason at all, by the President, or any future authoritative USDJA Boards or Committees which are granted the ability to initiate or terminate membership.

There is no par value to a membership, and membership does not create a financial interest in USDJA or its affiliated partners or holdings. Membership fees are non-refundable and membership types, benefits, and fees are subject to change with no, or little notice. It is USDJA's intent to deliver value to Members for the fees it charges.  If a membership type, benefit, or fee changes, USDJA will make every effort to provide a matching or greater value for its Members but it is under no legal obligation to do so.  Members agree that, unless a specific tort is conducted by USDJA towards a Member or Member group, damages are limited to the amount originally paid for joining, and are prorated for any remaining months or years on the membership.

Members may be reported by clients or other members for negative behavior or failure to conduct their business professionally. Members will be given a chance to appeal any negative comment, report, or review by providing their input, facts, and documentation in support of their position.  

Membership may be cancelled for non-payment of dues, outstanding public or private debts, and civil or criminal convictions that creates or could create, negative publicity or notoriety against USDJA.  Membership may also be cancelled for violation of the Membership Code of Conduct, subject to a written appeal within 30 days (unless a longer response period is granted) of Member termination/cancellation.

Membership Code of Conduct

Members agree to 1. Conduct themselves with integrity by reducing their service offerings to a written agreement, signed by both parties; 2. In good faith, honor the agreement(s) made with each client and pay all public and private debts;  3. Operate their business at all times with their client's best interest foremost , 4. Avoid conflicts of interest, poaching of clients, price-gouging or under-valuing services; 5. Communicate regularly with clients and ensure they receive enough information and provide enough information for event success; 6. Avoid deceptive, illegal, or "petty" communications and marketing, especially pricing schemes and libel and slander towards competitors on online forums, and video channels.

Grievances and Jurisdiction

Members that have issues with their membership or with the actions of any other member, should first contact USDJA President Jason Walsh at to provide context or details of the complaint.  If a suitable resolution cannot be reached, members agree to binding arbitration via a neutral, qualified Arbitrator or Mediator that is a member of the American Arbitration Association (AAA). Members agree the venue for any legal action taken against USDJA shall be Baltimore County, MD, however, arbitration proceedings may be conducted electronically, worldwide if provided by the third-party Arbitrator or Mediator, in such an event, all parties shall appear in the same manner (all via video or all in a face-to-face setting).

Use of Website and License to Trademarks

The content of the USDJA website, newsletters, and Member-only communications are intended for Members, potential Members, and education of the public or related-industry professionals. Permission is not granted to unrelated third-parties to copy content or Member names or business information without prior written authorization. A temporary license is granted to USDJA Members for the length of the their Membership to use the USDJA logo in a positive, professional, and non-defaming manner.  Members may use the trademarked USDJA properties (name and logos) on their business website, print marketing, and attire for personal or company consumption only.  Unless specifically indicated in a signed agreement, USDJA does not license use of its trademarks on commercial materials for resale (even if sold at a loss or at cost), nor does it permit use of its logo or name (both trademark protected) by Members or third parties in broadcast commercials, movies, or other public performance media (radio, TV, or web-based) unless as permitted by the U.S. Copyright Act and related copyright laws.  All granted licenses expire at the expiration of the Member's membership term, and all references to membership and placed logos must be removed.  Printed materials (including, but not limited to: business cards, folders, flyers, blank (non-active) contracts, and brochures must be destroyed if there is no intent to renew membership within 90 days or less or expiration.